Governmental Affairs

Lawyers Representing Individuals And Government Entities

Davidson Meaux in Lafayette, Louisiana, conducts an active government affairs practice, providing assistance in matters involving zoning, regulations, environmental compliance and other matters. Our clients include utilities, government agencies, corporations, developers and individuals.

As one of Southwest Louisiana’s oldest law firms practicing in this field of law, we have a comprehensive understanding of the various regulatory entities affecting our clients, their rule-making and administrative procedures, and the appeals process. We frequently represent our clients in scheduled hearings as well as in less formal discussions with agency personnel.

Davidson Meaux can address issues involving:

Zoning — We represent property owners in rezoning and land use matters. We have been successful in obtaining results for our clients in a way that enables our clients to move forward with their projects while respecting the interests of the public at large.

Expropriation and condemnation — We conduct litigation to defend or contest expropriation domain actions on behalf of expropriating agencies and property owners.

License appeals — We represent business owners whose operating licenses are under review by licensing agencies or whose initial license applications have been denied.

Utility regulation — Our attorneys have extensive experience representing utilities before the Louisiana Public Service Commission and other government entities.

Davidson Meaux is active at all stages of the rule-making, administrative and appeals processes. Our experience in administrative law enables us to quickly identify the key issues in any dispute and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve our clients’ goals.

Whether it involves a zoning dispute, a licensing dispute or another matter, you can depend on Davidson Meaux for informed guidance and results-oriented representation.

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